One of my favourite things about Christmas, after the fun of getting together with friends and family, is decorating the Christmas tree. It's just  one of those pack-away-in-the-box jobs so we miss out on that wonderful pine fragrance - but on the other hand, it doesn't drop piles of pine needles to be cleaned up either.

It's regulation green - I know those different coloured trees can look stunning, but there's something just not quite right about them!

our decorations are a very motley collection of ornaments that we've gathered over the years. A few things that have been pressed into service just because!   Like the small souvenir koala I bought when I first came to Australia and a bird's nest we accidentally pruned a few years ago. It was so beautifully made and I felt kind of guilty about disturbing someone's home!   Luckily, it was empty mpty when we blundered by with the secateurs





I think about the fun the makers of these ornaments must have had. The person who painted the soldier seems to have had a very deft hand... particularly when I remember my own very amateurish efforts at making clothes pin "dolls".   Nana's sewing box and Grandad's pipe cleaners got raided - sadly the end results were not heirlooms!



Posted on eHarlequin Medical Authors Group Blog 27 December, 2010