Okay, perhaps the 101 is... a slight exaggeration but leftovers are some of my favourite meal starters! And with a fridge bursting at the seams with leftover goodies from the festive season, it's a chance to flex the creative cooking neuron.


So, leftovers...

Vegetables - great in a frittata or in a bacon and egg pie with the lot.   Or ditch the bacon and chop up some of that leftover ham instead.



Leftover ham is also excellent in fried rice. Turkey or pork would be great used this way, too.



Chopped up lamb and vegetables mixed up with a bit of leftover gravy make a very nice base for a homemade pie - or if you're feeling even more creative, mash some potatoes (if they're leftovers too then so much the better!) and make it a shepherd's pie!


If it's too hot for cooking, perhaps some of that ham could add pizzazz to a rice or pasta salad!




Published on LoveCats DownUnder Blog - 5 January 2011