Married to Mr Gadget!

When I Googled "men and gadgets", I got nearly 93,000,000 hits! Tempting though it was, I resisted visiting all of them!   But I had a lovely rifle through quite a few!   According to some surveys, there isn't much that men prefer above their gadgets. There's even a book called Boys and Their Toys: Understanding Men By Understanding Their Relationship With Gadgets by Bill Adler.

Yep, men love technology!   And my husband, Glenn, is no exception! The latest gadget arrived a couple of weeks ago - a GPS.   Things didn't look promising to start with... it couldn't find where it was!   Not a great start for a gadget that's supposed to tell you where to go!

Needless to say that some more investigation and Glenn discovered he needed to take it outside, give it a clear view of the sky.   He waited patiently with it in the orchard while it found satellites.... for twenty minutes while his lunch went cold.   Once it was happy, he found his way back to the table!

Anyway, we went out with it in the car for the very first time. As we turned out of the gate, an emotionless female voice said...


  • Drive for two point three kilometres. Then
  • In eight hundred metres, prepare to turn left.... and
  • In three hundred metres, prepare to turn left.... and finally
  • Turn left at the next intersection.

By this stage, I'm thinking, this could get old really really fast!
But then, as Glenn accelerated up the hill, she said the magic words...

  • You are over the speed limit!

Music to my ears! I fell in love - instantly!

PS No husbands were hurt in the writing of this blog article.   In fact, Glenn sourced gadgets for photographing. When I cried "Enough, enough!"... his plaintive voice came from down the hall.   "But I haven't opened the other box yet!"


Published on LoveCats DownUnder 20 June 2011