The lid is off gadget box two so I'm sharing a selection in a photographic tour!

And they came into the house two by two!   After all, if one is good, surely more is better!










This is a device for re-setting little ink-jet cartridges so you can use every drop of ink in the container!   I've no idea how it works but it makes my budget-chromosome super happy.








A USB stick and antenna that enable a computer to work as a television.   We got this for the trip around Australia on the motorbike.   The trip was awesome - alas the computer/television was not.   Glenn tweaked and tweaked and tweaked some more but it never worked.





The PDA!   Very old now but an excellent gadget for many years.   The keyboard was just the bee's knees!   I lusted after this!





A low-tech gadget and just what every up-and-coming golfer needs -   a golf ball monogrammer.   Surely it has to help your golf swing!






And of course, each of these gadget comes with its own cord!   Naturally each cord has different plugs so no cord can be used for multiple devices. Is there a plural noun for electrical leads - I'm thinking of coining one - a spaghetti of leads!


Published on LoveCats DownUnder, 29 June 2011