I was on my way home from work on Friday and I heard the smallest radio snippet about diesel supply. Not a news alert, just a passing remark in a station advertisement.   Hardly even note worthy.

But then, when I picked up the mail from the Post Office, I looked along the street to the petrol station.   The price for diesel was blanked out.   No price because there was NO diesel.   When I got home, I got out the Yellow Pages and rang around not a drop of diesel to be had at any of the service stations I rang.

Turns out there's been an electrical fault at the refinery.   Hopefully, it's all fixed now and supply will be back to normal in a week or so but until it is, we'll need to be frugal with travel.   And, I confess, we're lucky because we have a back-up in the form of a motorbike that uses petrol.


But all this got me thinking how we take our marvellous technologies so much for granted.   When it's working smoothly, it's wonderful.   But what about those times when it doesn't?


For instance, what if the diesel supply had been disrupted for any length of time?   For a start, our little vehicle would have become a large carport ornament!  

And that's just us. When I think about the bigger picture...   It's hay-making season here and there's a bumper crop... all the machinery required for harvest runs on diesel.   There are going to be delays with the mail and so close to Christmas, that will be a major headache for the post office!     Deliveries of food supplies fresh vegetables, milk, meat... Buses run on diesel... and trains.   And garbage trucks.   What about emergency services?   Ambulances, fire trucks?   Other things?   Imagine if it had happened while we were travelling... which is an excellent excuse for me to share this photo ...

Anyway... it makes you think, doesn't it?  


Posted on Love is the Best Medicine, 11 December 2012