The baby kookaburras are learning a very important skill at the moment...

... how to laugh!

So the gum trees around our place are ringing with ghastly squawks and squeals and rasps, sounding for all the world as though murder is being done in the leafy branches. Who’d have thought it would be so hard!?!








I found this You-tube so you’ll get an idea of how they sound while they’re training up their vocal chords…

And here’s the fabulous distinctive kookie chuckle in all its glory… I love it!

The kookaburra is my one of my very favourite Australian birds and I feel very privileged to share territory with them in the bush.

So I was absolutely delighted when we camped on our travels and were visited regularly by a friendly local.

Here he is having morning tea with me!


Some kookaburra facts:

  • they belong to the kingfisher family
  • they mate for life! (a monogamous bird – no wonder I think they’re so cool!)

  • that wonderful infectious laughter is actually a way of letting everyone know about their territory
  • offspring from previous years often stay in the family group and help to nurture the latest batch of young


And just to finish off with a completely gratuitous picture of our camp kookie! Looking rather fine, isn’t he!