Hi!   Sharon Archer here and I want to talk about "frontiers" ! And since this is my very first blog post you could say this is a "frontier"  for me!

In our own way, we all set out into "frontiers"  that are new and bold for us. They require the courage to take that first step, take a chance, give it a go, despite fear.

My husband and I are making a "frontier"  journey at the moment. We're travelling to remote parts of Australia, places we've never visited before. So far we've clocked up more than 13,000 kilometres and to make it even more of a challenge, we're travelling on a motorbike and towing a camper trailer.

When my husband first proposed the idea, I thought Eek, no way! Surprised But then - why not? How exciting to give it a try, be brave, be bold... so here we are in Outback Australia.

On the road, we've met all sorts of people seeking frontiers of their own. A couple of seventy-plus-year-old pensioners who'd never been caravaning. They've bought a secondhand van and we met them in a caravan park in one of the larger towns in the Northern Territory. How fantastic is that!

Frontiers aren't just physical things. They can be mental or emotional. They can be things we have a choice about or things we have no say in at all. A new job, a health issue, being assertive, overcoming phobias. Mmmm, that reminds me... I promised myself that I'd tackle a personal phobia when we get back from this trip. Funny how reasonable that seemed all those months ago before we left... but that might turn into the topic for a future blog!

Anyway, this month is a very busy "frontier"  month for me - my debut book is out in the UK! It hits Australian and New Zealand shelves next month... so I'm pretty nervous about that too!

My heroine in SINGLE FATHER: WIFE AND MOTHER WANTED has a frontier of her own to tackle. From an itinerant family, Caitlin has always wanted roots. After her father's death, she sets out to find family in rural Victoria that she's never met before. She's uncertain of her welcome, but she's taken that first step anyway. Of course, everything's complicated hugely when she meets lovely local doctor, Matt and begins to fall for him and his son.

Well, thanks for listening! And good luck with your "frontiers" !!

Published on eHarlequin Medical Authors Group Blog 20 July, 2009