Picture this -

...it's twenty to five on a Saturday evening and you're about to get ready to go out to the 25th Wedding Anniversary of good friends. You're excited about the evening so you've had the clothes laid out for several days. Your best patent leather shoes have been checked for scuff marks, you bought some new silky stockings, your favourite navy satin skirt is ironed. And you've got one of those beaut crinkly tops that don't ever need ironing - even better, it's in that melon shade you really love. From the depths of your wardrobe, you've dug out a little peach-coloured evening bag which just happens to go rather well with the top.

You've had a fab day being a bit of a slob, catching up on a whole heap of annoying little jobs that needed doing around the property.   In short, you're feeling pretty darned pleased with yourself.

You've got plenty of time to get ready so you plan a long leisurely shower (mmm, better make that a frugal, leisurely shower because you're on tank water and the drought hasn't relinquished its hold yet!)

You've got to shampoo your hair, blow dry it into the best style that the annoying little cowlick at the edge of your forehead will allow. There's plenty of time to put on a bit of a face: a layer of foundation, a dusting of eye-shadow, a bit of mascara to be whipped over lashes, a smear of lippy.

So now it's time to begin the transformation from slob to glamour-puss"
"...and then
" you go back into your study and see the light over your desk is off"

... and your computer screen is black - but it's not in screen-save mode.

You realise the horrible truth"... there's a power failure!!!   Argh!!!   Surprised

You ring the power company and a cheery recorded voice informs you that   "The following areas are experiencing power outages".   Yep, your area is one of the lucky listed!   The lovely soothing voice goes on to say that "Power is expected to be restored by 7 pm." 

7pm!!!   Noooooo!   At 7 pm you're supposed to be sitting down to a plate of chicken or beef at the function centre"

Things are looking grim.

But then your hero leaps into action, disappearing down to the shed for the generator.   He wheels it up to the house, plugs in the power lead for the pump on the water tank (don't forget you're on tank water so NO Power equals NO Water).   And then your hero stands there with a metal rod stabbed into the bowels of the machine to keep the revs up (er, yes, it does need a service!) while you have a shower and wash your hair.

So finally, you're clean and dressed and your hair has been towel-dried vigorously by your hero (and, hey, the style of the tortured strands isn't half bad!). Makeup has been applied by torchlight so you hope you don't look like you're auditioning for a part in the Rocky Horror Show.

And voila! You're ready to go.

More amazing still, you get to the party on time and the only thing that's missing is the necklace you left sitting on the dresser as you raced out the door into the evening darkness!

This happened to me last weekend!   But we had a fabulous night and, do you know, part of the spice of enjoyment came from that inauspicious start!

Published on eHarlequin Medical Authors Group Blog 23 September, 2009