I've just spent a couple of days up north with one of my best friends, Anna Campbell.   That's her floating in the swimming pool! As soon as I'd taken this photo, I leapt in, too! Anna writes amazing historical romance, fabulous stories with complex characters.

The visit was a great opportunity to get together, talk writing, laze around in the Queensland humidity, bob around in her swimming pool and walk along the beach front.

And it was also an opportunity to check out unfamiliar shops. At home, I'm an indifferent shopper. Get to town, get the item, get home - that's me. A whirlwind shopper!



But there's nothing quite like being out with a friend, and away from your usual environment, to give shopping a whole new lure. The clothes are different. You've got someone to consult - and in my case, to stop you from buying anything hideous! Your mindset is more relaxed... and perhaps your purse strings are too!   Mmm, maybe that's not such a good thing!

Anyway, lucky me because I've come home with some fabulous buys. One of them is this gorgeous red shirt - perfect for Christmas. I've already worn it to one Christmas lunch and it's going to the family Christmas dinner on the 25th.

I feel like Mrs Claus when I wear the red shirt so I'm going to feel in the perfect mood for Christmas.

Published on eHarlequin Medical Authors Group Blog, 14 December, 2009