I'm a cyber-orphan - Lost in eSpace!

Our wireless modem has died.


Thankfully! It's been gasping and wheezing for weeks. I've spent hours and hours on the phone to Technical Support while they took me through the same steps over and over and over again to give it CPR so it would work for another few minutes or hours.

I've waited through endless messages, waded through phone menus that have sent me on to other phone menus. I've pressed option 1, option 3, option 5.... option 101!   I've been told that they're "experiencing long delays"  and I can "wait to speak to an operator now"  or "ring back later"  or (in the ultimate irony) I can "find out more about their services on www.blahblahblah.com." 

I've worked my way painstakingly through the layers to speak to Robert / Karen / Angelo / Shane / Jasmine / Sue.   Like the levels of achievement in an electronic game, I've felt as though the ultimate prize, a transfer to someone with authority, might finally be within my grasp... reaching, reaching, so close, so close...

And then... and then...

And then, the phone line goes dead. So I start again - messages, menus, options, music, Mavis/Mabel/Michael/Melinda/Mark until... the prize is within sight... reaching... reaching...   well, you get the idea!

So while I've been listening to the dulcet strains of orchestral music, I couldn't help thinking about how isolated I've felt without that instant cyber access. It's not that long ago that we were a one-computer household with a very basic email capability.

Two hours.

Per month!

And, at the time, that seemed excessive!

These days, it sometimes feels as though two hours per two-hours isn't enough!

I've been seduced by the ease and convenience of it so that now, when it isn't easy or convenient, I'm a bit lost. So I wonder... am I running this wonderful technology for my benefit... or is it running me?

The good news is that we now have a prepaid, plug-in wireless thingamie which will allow me a little bit of access until the proper modem arrives.   It's a bit like having an eyebrow when I'm used to having a whole face but... anything is better than nothing!



Posted on eHarlequin at the Medical Authors Group Blog, 21 April 2010