It's a whisker away from winter DownUnder and that means I can indulge in my favourite food group - soup! I love thin soups, smooth creamy soups, chunky soups!

I prefer making it from scratch - starting with the bones to make the stock. Ham bones, beef or lamb bones. Chicken bones especially because they really do have medicinal properties for us and the winter colds and flu.

Using stock cubes is out because I have some food sensitivity problems.



In fact, just to digress... "corn" , which is my big problem, turns up in the most unexpected places! For instance, if you read the packet for scorched almonds there's a good chance it will say that the almonds are dipped in corn syrup before they're coated with chocolate! Another instance... potato chips - we often get the plain salted ones. The ingredients are potatoes, oil, salt.   So when our favourite brand brought out their own version of a salt and vinegar chip, we thought we'd try it. I mean, it's potato, oil, salt and vinegar... right?


It's potato, oil (two different sorts now), salt, food acids, sugar, maltodextrin, natural flavours, onion powder, yeast extract, paprika extract, corn starch AND vinegar powder.

I read the back panels on everything nowadays!


Anyway, back to soup... maybe it brings out my latent medicine woman. My favourite pot for making soup these days is a new pressure cooker and into it goes pretty much anything. Like a one-pot meal - whatever vegetables are in the cupboard and fridge and garden. I love pumpkin into the mix because when it's cooked it gives the soup a lovely creamy texture. Red lentils, barley. Split peas. At the moment, some quinoa (pronounced kee-noir). Sometimes a bit of curry powder, basil, tarragon, parsley. All go into my 'all sorts broth'.


Published on Medical Authors Group Blog on eHarlequin 19 May 2010