I'm one of those unfortunate people who can look just awful in a photograph. Some of my passport and driver's licence photographs have been truly scary! Even the ones where I've gone and paid for a "proper" photograph to be taken! After one memorably awful session for a passport photograph, the photographer finished and looked at the pictures then offered to take some more.   By that time, there was no way I was going back into that studio to do it all again. I needed a caffeine infusion stat!

Anyway... when I finalled recently in the Romance Writers of Australia's award for Romantic Book of the Year I was over the moon as you can imagine!   But then, when I was asked to send a picture of myself in to be published in an article, a giant bubble appeared over my head that said "EEEEEEEK!"

After the panic subsided, I realised it was time to take control. So out came the Yellow Pages and I thumbed through to the Photographers page. I picked one and looked on line and loved her work. Rebecca McLean Photography was going to save me!



I made my appointment, coordinated a hair appointment, then I went through my entire wardrobe trying to decide what to wear. And then came back to Rebecca's imminently sensible suggestion to something I was comfortable in!

On the appointed day, I turned up on Rebecca's doorstep with my newly-tamed hair and a bad set of nerves! But the session was fun and the time just flew!

And to my great relief, I loved the photographs that she took... so today I'm showing off with a selection of the proofs!