It's official - I must be nuts!   It's winter and we're camping at Airey's Inlet on the southern coast of Victoria, Australia.   The wind is roaring up from Antarctica to blast us in freezing gusts (Do you like that horizontal scarf effect!) and the intermittent rain is icy.   I'm swaddled in thermals and woollies and a padded jacket that makes me look like a shiny black marshmallow!

And I'm loving every minute of it!

We've just purchased Archer-camping method, Mk2.   After going around Australia on the motorbike with the small camper last year, we decided we'd like to move up to something towed by the car.   It means that we can take more stuff - I'm not sure this is such a good thing though today I'm not complaining about those extra layers of clothing!


So we're here to try out the unit and as a side benefit, I'm hoping to soak up some negative ions!   Why negative ions, you might be asking?   Well, lovely Vicki Lewis Thompson came to our romance writing conferences DownUnder and mentioned that negative ions are supposed to be good for creativity.

Negative ions are created by falling water. We're here with crashing waves and intermittent pelting rain so the air must be laiden with the helpful little particles. Positive ions are released by electronic appliances like computers and, since I spend quite a lot of time at the keyboard, at least balancing out the positive-ion intake has to be helpful.

I'm just about to launch into my next book so hopefully this quick top up of negative ions for creativity will be a bonus!

So far, it's come out as a mad urge to take lots of photographs which I'm posting here but I'm extremely hopeful that there'll be spin off in the writing creativity too!   Maybe a weekend in Airey's Inlet every now and then might become my not-so-secret (now that I've told you all!) weapon to kick start a new book.


Published on eHarlequin Medical Authors Group Blog 26 August 2010