It's spring!   Signs are everywhere of flora and fauna revelling in the longer, warmer days.   We were away recently, camping with friends near the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales.   Our camp was visited by a handsome male satin bowerbird on the scrounge.   Spring is the time when his thoughts turn to "home decor".   His sex appeal and ability to be a successful mate are measured by the beauty of his bower and the goodies he's managed to collect to show it to advantage.   It's all about blue!

I looked around our camp and realised it must have seemed like a overload to his senses.

Fortunately... or perhaps unfortunately from his point of view... all our "blueness" was too large to pilfer.   Blue tarps, blue buckets, blue towels, blue plates, a large blue esky, a blue box of tissues.



He was a shy fellow with his glossy midnight plummage and every time I pointed the camera at him he was off!   But I found this gorgeous picture on Wiki (click here to go to the link) and the entertaining clip on YouTube below.


Crime of Passion




Article appeared on LoveCats DownUnder Blog - 7 October 2010