I'm a hoarder! Not just of things but of emails.

Email hoarding is a bit insidious because it doesn't take up shelf space or floor space. They're not a fire hazard like piles of newspapers. No-one can tell when they drop around for a cuppa that they're in the company of a compulsive hoarder of emails!

Anyway, I had thousands and thousands of them. Emails from 2002 when my friend was overseas on holiday, emails from 2005 when I was on the conference committee... and more from the 2008 conference when I was on that committee. Emails from friends and family. Business emails - important ones with vital pieces of information and receipts. Joke emails. Emails with cute little GIF files that had Santas popping out of chimneys, sparkly Christmas trees, Easter bunnies delivering eggs, Valentine hearts pulsing... in short a GIF for every occasion.

But... this is all in my past. I'm a reformed woman. I wish I could tell you my reforming was pure will power or some fantastic self-help product. But alas no... it was an upgrade.

And I hadn't backed up. Anything...

In the blink of an eye, or more correctly the press of a finger, my email collection and my entire email address book was wiped out.

All this was a couple of months ago now and most of what I lost, I've managed to work around. But every now and then, there's the odd thing that I'll remember was stored in the ill-fated email files.

So, I've learned valuable lessons!

  • 1.     I take important documents off emails and put them into my files
  • 2.     I back up my email address book - losing that has been the hardest part of all of this because I've had to wait to hear from people so I can get their addresses back in my system.
  • 3.     I've stopped hoarding emails... well... kind of... I confess I've noticed a lamentable tendency to fall back into my bad habits...


Published on the Medical Authors Group Blog on eHarlequin on 9 September 2010