Well, we washed our kitchen window and we've had a little superb blue wren knocking at the glass ever since!   He's completely outraged with himself because all he sees is a belligerent, persistent competitor for cute little Mrs Wren's affections.

He's been courting her on the trellis at the back door and impressing her to bits with his bravery with this cheeky reflection.   Now she's dashing around collecting grasses and cobwebs to make her nest leaving him to his posturing and pecking at the window.

I found this great little clip on You-Tube!




These little guys have raised their chicks in our back garden every year.   Their nests are tiny balls of woven grass with a discreet "entry" way on one side.   Mr Wren is a good father apparently.   He takes a big hand in raising the babies - sometimes while Mrs Wren is busy starting a new family.   The younger males lose their gorgeous iridescent plumage at the end of the breeding season.   But once they get to about four years old they keep it year round.

I love spring in our garden!






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14 October 2010