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Sharon Archer's second Medical Romance for Mills and Boon, Marriage Reunited: Baby on the Way is just fantastic! A moving, poignant and believable tale about starting over and new beginnings, Marriage Reunited: Baby on the Way continues to affirm Sharon Archer's position as one of the most exciting new voices in romantic fiction writing today!

Jack Campbell's traumatic childhood had made him determined not to make the same mistakes which his parents had made. So settling down and having a family of his own had certainly not been on the agenda for the gorgeous firefighter until he clapped eyes on Liz. Liz's beauty, intelligence and sex appeal had driven him crazy with desire, and pretty soon, Jack found himself getting down on one day and proposing to the only woman who had ever managed to get under his skin.

Dr Liz Campbell had thought that her marriage to Jack would last a lifetime. However, her plans for a happy ever after soon came crashing round her ears when Jack had announced that he was not willing to give Liz the one thing she wanted most in the world: a baby of her own. Cracks soon started to appear in their relationship, and with the chasm between the two of them growing wider and wider, Jack decided that the only option available to him was to take up a job offer to work in America for six months and leave Liz and Australia behind. But Jack soon learnt that out of sight does not necessarily mean out of mind...

Unable to forget Liz, Jack decided to return to Australia and to the woman he loves. But on his return, he is shocked to his very core when he finds out that Liz is carrying his child! Although, having a baby was the last thing Jack wanted, he is not about to turn his back on Liz and on the child growing inside her belly. Jack is determined to be the best father he can be and to show Liz that he has never stopped loving her.

But Liz is adamant that she will not trap Jack into doing something which he doesn't want to do. But is she willing to accept that Jack wants nothing more than to be a father to their baby and a husband to her? Or will her stubborn pride push Jack away for good?

Marriage Reunited: Baby on the Way is a wonderfully romantic story featuring two flawed and vulnerable people who are so richly drawn that by the end of the book, readers will feel bereft at having to say good-bye to them. Realistic, emotional and heart-rending, Marriage Reunited: Baby on the Way is an engrossing contemporary romance that will tug at readers' heartstrings and have them eagerly anticipating the next release by a stunning new voice in category romance: Sharon Archer!

Four Stars!

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(Wednesday, October 28, 2009)

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If you haven't discovered the magic of Sharon Archer, then rush to the book store and get ready for her wonderfully moving and beautifully written Medical Romances!

Jack Campbell's good looks and charm had swept Liz off her feet! Jack might have been from the wrong side of the tracks, but Liz was unable to resist the firefighter and when he had proposed marriage to her, Liz had accepted. Liz had hoped that she had finally found the man of her dreams. But she was in for a very rude awakening when Jack had told her that he was unable to give her the one thing which she wanted more than anything in the world: a baby of her own!

Liz was shocked when she realized that Jack was adamant that he wouldn't father a child with her. Cracks soon started appearing in their relationship and Jack had decided that the best thing for him and Liz would be to part ways, so he headed off to America for six months and hoped to start afresh. But forgetting Liz was easier said than done...

On his return to Australia, Jack tracked down Liz again - and was gobsmacked when he found out that his wife was pregnant with his child! A baby was the last thing Jack expected. But turning his back on his wife and child was not an option. However, Liz is adamant that she is going to bring up this baby on her own.

But will Jack convince her that he wants to be a permanent part in her life - both as father to her child and a husband to her?

Marriage Reunited: Baby on the Way is a wonderful story. I laughed, I cried and I was completely mesmerized from page one. Sharon Archer's characters just leap off the pages and you cannot help but root for them and cheer them on to their much-deserved happy ending.

Sharon Archer's writing shines with warmth, humour and charm and I'm positive that she's well on her way to becoming as big a name in romance as Margaret Way and Marion Lennox!

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