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Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted is the heartwarming debut novel from an exciting new Australian voice in contemporary romance: Sharon Archer!

Caitlin Butler-Brown had come to the small Australian town of Garringay to find the Aunt she never knew - she certainly never expected to be delivering a foal in a cramped horse box and to fall in love with the town doctor Matt Gardiner! But as soon as she claps eyes on the handsome single father, Caitlin falls for him hook, line and sinker!

Matt Gardiner has long stopped believing in love and romance. After his ex-wife broke his heart and left him to look after his son single handedly, Matt vowed never to trust another woman ever again - despite his foster mother's well intentioned but ultimately unwanted matchmaking attempts! Although romance has not been on his agenda for quite some time, Matt cannot help but be drawn to the Irish veterinarian who has walked into his life and knocked the breath out of his lungs.

Caitlin knows that getting attached to a man is not a good idea. Not when she's only in town for a couple of weeks before then moving on to pastures new. Yet, there's something about the charming Australian town - and the Gardiner family - that has truly got under her skin and made her feel as if she's finally found a place to put down roots in and the home she has been looking for ever since her father's death.

As the weeks begin to go by, the attraction between Caitlin and Matt continues to deepen and, before long, neither party can imagine a life without the other. But how can there ever be a future for the two of them when the ties of the past prevent them from moving on with their lives?

Will Caitlin and Matt have to sacrifice their new found happiness? Or will they finally find the courage to face up to their demons and grasp their second chance at love?

Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted is an outstanding Medical Romance which will go down a treat with fans of Marion Lennox and Barbara Hannay! Warm-hearted, poignant, dramatic and emotional, Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted is an absolutely superb tale that will bring tears to your eyes and make you wish that you lived in the glorious Australian town of Garringay!

An engaging romance about second chances, hope and the reaffirming power of love, Single Father: Wife and Mother is one of the best debut novels I've read in a long time by a writer who is set for superstardom: Sharon Archer!

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(July 16, 2009)

The S- Factor Sweet

Sharon Archer's debut romance for Medical is absolutely stunning! Warm-hearted, poignant and simply fantastic, Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted heralds the start of an exciting career for an author many are sure to love!

Irish vet Caitlin Butler-Browne had come to the Australian village of Garringay to find the extended family she's never known. She's nervous, apprehensive and scared of rejection when she sets foot in the tiny Australian town, and falling in love is certainly not on the agenda. However, when she claps eyes on GP Matt Gardiner, she finds herself falling in love.

Matt doesn't believe in romance anymore. His wife had irrevocably shattered his heart when she had walked out on her marriage, and with a young son to look after and a demanding job, Matt's priorities do not include falling love - despite his foster mother's unwanted matchmaking attempts. Yet, there's something about Caitlin which draws him like a moth to a flame. He cannot stop thinking about her nor can he stop wanting to make her his...

But just when Matt thinks that he's finally found the woman who can heal his heart, he realizes that Caitlin has a secret which could threaten their new found happiness...

Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted might only be Sharon Archer's first book, but she writes like a pro! Reading Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted is like diving into happiness and this engaging story of love, hope, passion, second chances and family will keep you riveted from the first page till the last. Don't miss it!


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I loved Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted. Sharon Archer weaves a beautiful tale of veterinarian Caitlyn and Matt a hard working single father and doctor, with his adoreable son Nicky. The story and developing romance between Caitlyn and Matt is told beautifully and straight from the heart. The Australian setting comes to life in Sharon's skilled hands. Caitlyn's secret which threatens to destroy those she loves and herself kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. I can't wait for Ms. Archer's next book.