Well, Glenn's back at work and I took the opportunity for a lightning quick visit to wonderful friend, critique partner and writing pal of the highest order, Anna Campbell! I had a fab time and blogged about My Pre-Christmas Treat on eHarlequin. (And it's now in the "Blog Articles" section on this website as well) The clothes shopping was fantastic - and since I'm not usually an enthusiastic shopper by nature, finding some really brilliant wardrobe additions was an unexpected bonus! I took our small digital camera on the trip and with a bit of time on my hands with the travelling, I finally worked out the bugs! Well, to be honest the bugs weren't camera problems they were operator related... but that's another story! Anyway, since the trip, the little camera has become a must-have in the handbag!



This is the study where the fabulous Anna-Campbell, Regency noirs are born! Anna at her computer...



... and giving her water-baby muse some pool time! The water was gorgeous - I jumped in right after I'd taken this photo.





While I was there the postman dropped off books! The Japanese translation of Anna's first book, Claiming the Courtesan. The cover is just exquisite!







I took the little camera on one of our beach front walks. And worked out how to use the timer! I took this pic of Anna and me - it only took three tries to get it to work properly.










Lots of birds stopped by to visit while I was there. I got these snaps of the lorikeets snacking on Anna's lovely flowering gum! Unfortunately the flowers suffer a bit under the ministrations of the colourful parrots.






Stormy skies. Alas it was all flash and show and no rain.

An alamanda creeper was growing along Anna's side fence. The beautiful yellow flower looked stunning against the stormy backdrop.